Riding the Benefit Train

Alexandra Baig (alexandra@companionsonyourjourney.com) of Companions On Your Journey (https://www.companionsonyourjourney.com) was the speaker for the UPS for DownS November 19, 2019 Monthly Informational Meeting at the Media Center of Conant High School in Hoffman Estates, IL. Her presentation focused on the many ways that benefits are obtained from various governmental departments and organizations. “Riding the Benefit Train” presented a comprehensive and sequential approach to the quest for seeking and securing benefits that one may be eligible and entitled to receiving.

Topics included the delineation and explanation of the alphabet soup of eligibility for and evaluation of terms and programs such as SSI – Supplemental Security Income, SSDI – Social Security Disability Insurance, SSDAC– Social Security Benefits for Disabled Adult Children, Medicaid, Medicare, SGA – Substantial Gainful Activity, ABLE accounts -Achieving a Better Life Experience, PASS Plans – Plan to Achieve Self-Support, ACA – Affordable Care Act, QMB – Qualified Medicare Beneficiary, and CDB- Childhood Disability Benefit. Many of these programs and the benefits derived from them have strict initial eligibility requirements, limited time windows of opportunity in which to qualify and apply for these benefits, and ongoing eligibility rules that need to be met in order to continue to receive benefits. In short, it’s a lot of material to navigate, absorb, understand, and retain.

Fortunately, Ms. Baig presented this material in a logical, comprehensive way and has provided UPS for DownS access to this presentation, so the overwhelmed seeker of this information can return to viewing what’s pertinent to their situation and of further interest to them again and again, as desired:

Riding the Benefit Train (https://prezi.com/view/135JfufVRXX3a1W9e0uC/)

Links to 3 other presentations were generously provided to UPS for DownS by Ms. Baig to those who may be interested in further related information:

Getting Benefits (https://prezi.com/view/pIAekBlsYOccsxHV0h8n/)
Working with Benefits (https://prezi.com/view/mbUFXvtfrqLQcmkJx6ei/)
and All About ABLE (https://prezi.com/view/bsqx0rfqvuDU13v7JSGn/)

Familiarizing oneself with and following the comprehensive approach presented could help you keep your quest for seeking and securing benefits on the right track.

December 3, 2019
Bill Weldon