Septemberfest Parade

Septemberfest Parade

Join UPS for DownS to help spread awareness and community involvement, as we march each year in the Schaumburg Septemberfest Parade. Next to the high school bands, we have one of the largest number of participants in this parade.

Each year’s theme is different, so this presents a lot of opportunity to tap into the creative side of your abilities to help build our float.  If creativity is not one of your greater strengths, then come and march with us to hand out candy as we help increase awareness within the community. Bring your wagon, strollers and comfortable shoes as we walk this easy mile.

It is so rewarding to see the excitement of the people on the sidelines as they recognize their friends with Down syndrome on our float – and to hear them holler out their names and point our kids out to their friends and family.

The Parade is held on Labor Day. For specific parade kickoff time and location or to volunteer in the planning or building of the float please email or call (847) 895-2100.

Do people with Down syndrome have feelings?

Yes. Just like everyone, people with Down syndrome have feelings. They can feel happy, silly, sad, sorry, or upset - just like you. People with Down syndrome enjoy friends and family and can be hurt when someone teases or makes fun of them - just like you.

Why does my friend with Down Syndrome act differently than other kids?

People with Down syndrome have difficulty with language and talking.  Many kids want to interact and play with their friends, but don't know how, are afraid they won't be understood, or afraid they will be told "no, you can't play". Some kids with Down syndrome get overwhelmed when too many things are going on at the same time.