Walking Club

Walking Club

Walking Club partners individuals with Down syndrome with members of the community in a one-mile walk every Monday evening during summer months.  Our walk begins at 7 PM at the Dick Pond Athletics store at 927 S. Roselle Road in Schaumburg and ends at the UPS for DownS office at 1070 S. Roselle Road.  All ages are welcome.

After walking, participants are treated with a healthy snack and can participate in socializing, singing karaoke, dancing, and Garden Club activities.

The purposes of Walking Club are numerous:  providing opportunities for community members and individuals with Down syndrome to exercise and socialize together, promoting healthy habits, partnering with Dick Pond Athletics, promoting Endurance Team activities, and recruiting athletes for the UPS for DownS Endurance Team.

Can I help my Friend?

Yes! Play with and talk to people with Down syndrome. If they are having trouble playing a game, give them time and a little extra help or ask them what game they would like to play. Be clear in what you are saying. Find out what your friend likes to do. Just hang out together and see what happens. You are more alike than you are different.

Do people with Down syndrome have feelings?

Yes. Just like everyone, people with Down syndrome have feelings. They can feel happy, silly, sad, sorry, or upset - just like you. People with Down syndrome enjoy friends and family and can be hurt when someone teases or makes fun of them - just like you.