Garden Club

Garden Club activities include planting, watering, weeding, and decorating the garden areas in the parking lot of the UPS for DownS office.  These activities are conducted weekly in the summer months, following the Walking Club one-mile walk.  Walkers and their community buddies participate in caring for the garden together.  All ages are welcome.

Do people with Down syndrome grow up?

Yes. In adulthood, many people with Down syndrome have jobs, go to college, live independently, and support their communities. People with Down syndrome bring to their jobs enthusiasm, reliability, and dedication.

Why does my friend with Down Syndrome act differently than other kids?

People with Down syndrome have difficulty with language and talking.  Many kids want to interact and play with their friends, but don't know how, are afraid they won't be understood, or afraid they will be told "no, you can't play". Some kids with Down syndrome get overwhelmed when too many things are going on at the same time.