UPS for DownS Theatre Company presents

Guys and Dolls Jr.


PRESALE:  $10 per show

ALL SHOW PASS:  $20 for any or all shows

AT THE DOOR:  $15 per show

Performances held at:  St. Viator High School Performing Arts Center in Arlington Heights

Tickets go on sale March 1.  CLICK HERE.

Do people with Down syndrome grow up?

Yes. In adulthood, many people with Down syndrome have jobs, go to college, live independently, and support their communities. People with Down syndrome bring to their jobs enthusiasm, reliability, and dedication.

Do people with Down syndrome have feelings?

Yes. Just like everyone, people with Down syndrome have feelings. They can feel happy, silly, sad, sorry, or upset - just like you. People with Down syndrome enjoy friends and family and can be hurt when someone teases or makes fun of them - just like you.